December 17, 2008

around and about…

around and about…

Went to so many places today! We got up about 7 and had an early breakfast from about 8 to 8.30. Then we tried to set off but…
the car was covered in frost! So we spent about 10 minutes just trying to get the ice off the windscreen and the rear windscreen. Another 5 minutes was spent trying to warm up the car. And then we were on our way!

Our first stop was Stonehenge, an hour’s drive away from Bath. The Lord was good to us, and the weather was beautiful.

The scenery along the way, with its quaint little houses lining the streets and the lush, green fields. Reaching Stonehenge we see much more green space and
countless sheep dotting the greenery.

So expensive! All just to see a pile of stones. Bah.

Okay, fine. They were big. And towered above us. But still, it was a bit disappointing.

Here’s the view from another side of the Stonehenge.
Like the above picture says, no one knows its purpose. Apparently the flat stone in the middle is an altar. If the four corner stones (not in picture) were joined, they would form a square, with the altar in the middle. It even looked like that before:
Artist’s impression. But why the big circle? And the altar in the middle?

We left Stonehenge for Salisbury to see the Salisbury Cathedral, for which the Chichester Psalms were written for. (See here for my post on the Chichester Psalms) . It’s one of my most favourite choral works, and after seeing all the pictures of it and hearing the work a hundred times over, I simply had to visit the Salisbury Cathedral. Especially since it’s located so close to Stonehenge. Managed to persuade mum and brother to make the 30min drive there, and even searched for directions and led the way there.

The cathedral was nothing short of magnificent. Just standing before it made me feel so small.

The cathedral from where our car was parked, and the floor plan of the place.

Extremely stunning, which makes beautiful pictures too (:

On the exterior were many saints. I wonder why the one on the right is much whiter than the others around it..

High ceilings and a lot of space.

Beautiful, intricate stained glass on the walls, each with a story to tell.

The two heads behind are part of an art installation of Angel’s Heads, all hand-made using a hammer and nail. In front is a little overflowing pool, with inscriptions on the side. I like this photo, with my reflection and the reflection of the stained glass behind me.

The inscriptions in gold, and a cross below it. Really pretty. All four sides have different words on them.

Angels from above.

There are many little chapels,
from small ones,

to bigger ones.

These were on the walls. I think they were used for lights.

can’t quite remember what this brown place is, but I think they were pews. They had bibles and hymnals on the seats.

the sacred area.

a huge candle, can’t remember what it’s for (read the description)

The small pipe organ. I think there’s a larger one elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

A musician. Which explains why there are instruments and music scores on it. Composer, hymnal editor, pastor… of the Cathedral.

See the statue? It’s more white than the others.
And a final photo of the Salisbury Cathedral before leaving for Bath.

Went on to the Roman Baths, then Jane Austen’s house (only the shop, the museum was closed) and then finally a yummy dinner at Sally Lunn’s, the oldest house in Bath. Pictures and updates tomorrow! Early day tomorrow, we’re driving to Stratford-upon-Avon. Goodnight for now (: