June 10, 2014

The Philharmonic Orchestra presents… I hear the water dreaming – An Advertisment

The Philharmonic Orchestra presents… I hear the water dreaming – An Advertisment

Unlike music of other countries or states and as distinct as it is, it is practically impossible to generalise Asian music in a single word. The diversity in styles stem from the culture, religion and beliefs of the composers. To highlight the range of styles of Asian music, The Philharmonic Orchestra is embarking on a new concert series, one which features only Asian composers. The first in the series is titled I Hear the Water Dreaming.

For centuries, rivers and seas have served as the heart of human civilisation, enabling the movement of people, commerce, and culture across vast distances. Elemental and poetic, they have also long provided an oasis of artistic inspiration. Smetana’s symphonic poem Die Moldau from his set of six symphonic poems Ma Vlast (or My Fatherland) traces the course of the Vltava river from its beginnings as two streams merging, through landscapes, events and scenery until its end in the Elbe. Strauss’ An der schönen blauen Donau (more commonly known as the Blue Danube Waltz) and Xian Xinghai’s Yellow River Cantata which the Yellow River Piano Concerto was based on, are also examples of works which have been inspired by water.

TPO embarks on an exploration of Asian orchestral works contemplating the theme of water – works by pioneering Singaporean composers Leong Yoon Pin and Phoon Yew Tien feature alongside Toru Takemitsu’s I Hear The Water Dreaming and Zhu Jian’er’s A Wonder of Naxi. Join TPO in this unique survey of music fusing the traditional and contemporary, Asian and Western. Featuring soloists Jasper Goh on the flute and Derek Koh on the yangqin, the unique repertoire makes this concert one not to be missed! It takes place on the 14th of June at the SOTA Concert Hall at 7.30pm. Get your tickets from Sistic now! Tickets are priced at $22.

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