May 18, 2013

Questions with Quinnuance – A Preview


The ‘Living With Young Composers’ series at The Arts House of 2011 and 2012 have gained so much success that the composers at the core of it have decided to band together (no pun intended) with a theme for this year’s concert. Plink, Plonk, Plunk catches up with De Silva Alicia Joyce to find out more.

Hello! You’ve got a (very cool-sounding) name for your quintet. How did this come about?

Generally, the name of our group is a combination of two words: Quintet and Nuances. Quintet to represent the five of us and Nuances to reflect our own unique sound palette and composition styles. 

This concert’s theme is “looking deep into my roots” – did you all compose works around this theme or find a theme to suit your compositions? 

When we were planning the concert, we did not intend to have a theme. However, one of our members, Ernest, shared his some of his ideas with us and one of the lines he mentioned was to a similar effect as the current theme, “Looking Deep Into My Roots.” And Bernard thought this might make sense to have a theme. Also, it would give a different perspective to our concert, after all, the past two had no theme. So to cut the long story short, we were all writing music around the theme.

Looking back at the last two concerts of 2011 and 2012, how is this one going to be different (both individually and as a collective)? 

As we are generally writing music around the theme, I believe, to some extent this concern will be more personal than the last two. How personal? Well, that’s up to the audience to find out when they come attend our concert! However, this is just my opinion and the others may not share the same thoughts as I do. But that’s the beauty isn’t it? Five unique individuals, coming together to explore one theme!
And.. What would you get? Come find out!

Catch Quinnuance and their fellow musicians at The Arts House on Thursday, the 23rd of May at 8pm!  Tickets at $18, email for enquiries. Like their Facebook page here:

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