July 11, 2012

Four dollars and ninety cents.

Four dollars and ninety cents.

Call it a sequel to this, if you may..

HMV CD sales are highly dangerous –  I end up buying more CDs than I need, and some of them remain in their wrapper, unopened for a long, long time until I discover them in the recesses of my collection a few years later.

I’ve been listening to more minimalist music of late, having received a CD of music by Michael Nyman and Yann Tiersen, and bought a Philip Glass compilation of scores. Back in 2007, when I was first introduced to minimalist music by Dr Eleanor Tan, I thought it to be repetitive and boring. What’s the whole point of it all?

Recently, I’ve been able to listen for, and appreciate the nuances and the changes in the music. Listening to minimalist piano music while running is quite an interesting experience. Somehow the monotony of the music matches the pounding on the pavement and everything falls in sync.

I was at the HMV sale the other day, and stumbled upon this CD which cost $4.90.

I’m not sure if I’d pay for it if it was sold at the original price, but for four dollars and ninety cents, it provided much entertainment, even though the piano was just clomping away most of the time.. (: 

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