December 3, 2010

Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues

And so, I turn twenty-something in a few hours.

What’s the big deal about birthdays anyway? One year older, a few more wrinkles, and a year closer to death. Maybe people celebrate for you because you’re one year older and closer to their age. Or maybe they celebrate because you turn older than all of them.

Maybe they just want a treat from you. It’s a funny tradition in my family, that when it’s your birthday, you’re supposed to give the family a treat. And not just immediate family, but aunts, uncles and grandmas too! That means at least 12 people, or at least $200 spent on a meal to “celebrate”. Oh, and I have to find a date when everyone is free, SMS to invite them, and book the location. Too much work! Of course they give presents. Most of the time I get something I can use. And every year, some aunt will give something totally useless and worthless, like a display ornament or paperweight. It’s the type of thing that I cannot throw away because I feel guilty, I can’t give it to the poor because there’s no use for it, and so I end up displaying it somewhere, hoping that it will “accidentally” get knocked down, or broken, or chewed up by my dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for my 2X years of life, and to God for seeing me through it. But I still can’t help feeling a little blue. I’ve got on 5th December

-a performance (which means practice, practice, practice)
-a race (drat, I havent trained for 2 weeks!)
-an article due for publication (still incomplete)

So that means work and practice and no partying. I’m teaching tomorrow as well ):

Anyway, it might seem shameless to put a wishlist here, but a few people have asked what I wanted for my birthday, so the idea of creating this came to mind. Here goes:

– a tri-suit (for my first triathlon in may!)
– a polar watch (got it, thanks daddy)
– a Starbucks tumbler (thanks Sally!)
– Eddie Higgins CDs (I don’t have any, so any one would do. Let me know if you’re buying it and which one)


-a constant supply of good reeds!
– for friends and family to be healthy
– a scholarship to study early (17th century and before) music

Anyone has suggestions on where I can take my family out for dinner?

It’s Patches’ 4th birthday on 6 dec. Maybe I’ll take him to a dog cafe for lunch. Or bake him a cake. Or something. I wonder if he even knows it’s his birthday (;

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