August 23, 2009

… the more we get together….

… the more we get together….

What happens when one puts seven oboes, a barock oboe, a cor anglais, a piano and eight oboists (and two Jack-Russell terriers as well, I must add) in the same place?

I’ll let the pictures do the talking (:

First there was Liangyou.

and nobody else. So he started giving Patches a massage,

which Patches thoroughly enjoyed.


Trio! More like,

The girlfriend, boyfriend, extra and the continuo.

Reeds, oboes, barock oboe, drinks.

Everyone had to present a piece each, and play the exposition section of the Mozart Concerto. 8 rounds of Mozart later, we did the oboe test. Luis played all the oboes one after the other, and we were supposed to guess which was which. The collection was made up of a Cocobolo Howarth, 3 Marigaux (My oboe Murray was one of them), a Rigoutat, a Frank Ludwig and a Dupin. Results were horribly unexpected. I guess that proves that the reed, player and the oboe all matter.

And then we found something else to do with the oboes: they made good props!


Fellowship of the Bells? Kai says that the barock oboe bell is Gandalf, the Ludwig Frank bell is the dwarf, and the two little bells are the hobbits! (:

Summer 2009 Collection

Playing with reedKnives..
*disclaimer: no human or dog was injured during the photoshoot*

A proper family photo (see if you can spot the Barock oboe, it blends in too well with the sofa!)

and finally, as LY says,

What’s a gathering without good food?

Dinner at Fengshan or Bedok 85 was simply the best. Cheap and really, really good!

This gathering rekindled my love for the oboe, and I’m sure the others were refreshed as well. Thanks guys, for such a lovely evening (:

p.s. I was just writing programmme notes for the upcoming nafa concert and i thought.. feels like one of those Schubertiards in classical days yea? We shld hv these more often. =D

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