December 11, 2008

Of Wales, Whales, Cats and Pigs

Of Wales, Whales, Cats and Pigs

The poem in the boyfriend’s letter today was funny and touching!

Wales Whales

There was once a little girl
Who asked me this one day,
Are there whales in Wales
Are they called Whales or Wales?

To this young girl I replied
Wales and Whales are not the same
I know not if there are whales
In Wales at any day

The little girl smiles at me and went
There are whales; and there is Wales
There’s Wales Whales.

Amused I was
Laughable I thought
Wales’ Whales
Whales’ Wales
What was right or wrong?

She stayed with me
Much we talked
All on this phrase
Whales’ Wales or Wales’ Whales is there?

Now this little girl
Has left my side
Onto Wales has she gone
To see the truth of Wales and Whales and all that’s not

Now I lie in bed,
Heart longing, and waiting
For her return; For her story
On Whales and Wales

by Roo, in a letter dated 11 Dec 2008. (:


I saw this in the paper yesterday. Looks like Cat Burglar takes on its literal meaning! Read the whole story here.

Some cats have a nasty habit of bringing dead mice into the house but this naughty pet enjoys turning up with cuddly toys.

Cat burglar

The cat’s whiskers: Frankie with a collection of toys he has swiped from homes in the neighbourhood

Frankie has his owner in a flap – after bringing home 35 teddies and fluffy animals in the last year.

Julie Bishop reckons the two-year-old is swiping the toys from homes in the neighbourhood but she cannot think why or how he does it.


And apparently, sound therapy for pigs too?

STY-POD: Pigs are happier when they hear tunes in their pens. Piglets played 20 minutes of classical music a day ended up less stressed and better behaved, a study showed. Their narrow pen was also filled with soft straw, food and drink. Pigs using it showed improved signs of behaviour, said experts in the Netherlands. It is hoped the study could be used to improve animal welfare.

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