December 10, 2008

day 14..

day 14..

Shall backtrack to continue my posting. Day 14 was filled with just as much activity and of course, walking. We took a walk to the Hilton Hotel bus stop, but this time strolling by Bute Park rather than the outside streets. It was a really chilly day, and the grass had a blanket of ice covering it!

Among the tall trees, I’ve found this little stubby tree to be very, very cute..

That was the walk through the Bute park, we left through the exit near the College, and caught the bus to the Bay. Didn’t take many photos of the bay, just this

… to show that snow melts when there’s sunshine. See how half of the ice on the wood melts and the other half stays frozen? Quite amusing.

And this..
.. of the icy pond, such that when we throw stones, the stones skip, bounce, hop… and land on top of the “water” which is ice. (:

Continuing, we had a yummy chicken lunch at Nando’s, ice cream at a creamery nearby, and then took the Baycar back to town where we managed to catch the 14.40 bus to St Fagan’s Museum of Welsh Life.

Among the first things we saw once we exited the museum shop to enter into the museum was

eine Braun Kuh. It was happily chewing and chewing grass. Is it a brown cow with white patches or a white cow with brown patches? (;

Walking on, we came to a red house that was a farm house.

We stepped inside. It was all dark and creepy. There were no windows, and a strong smell of smoke because

they used charcoal fire to heat up the place! And everything was so, so narrow. Oh, here’s proof that everything was made for people like me who are tall but not so very tall:

Look, I fit through the door perfectly without bumping my head! Ohh, and in case you’re wondering where that lovely black trench coat on me came from, it was a belated 21st present from my visiting friend (: It’s faux leather with fur inside. Really really gorgeous. But it makes me look stuffed up though =P

Brought Beep to see where his Welsh counterparts, then it was off to this white building, which was the St Teilo’s Church that existed since the 1700s.

restored and whitewashed, of course. In it there were many many murals which told Bible stories. Can you indentify them?

There’s Noah’s ark on the top, and the story of the cruxifiction below it.
and that’s Jesus getting the donkey, riding in on Passover, and then the Last Supper.
And here’s one more of all the saints. My friend said that it’s the easiest way to spread a religion, especially since “a picture paints a thousand words”. It therefore transcends language (:

O tree, how tall are you?

Nothing much else, except more farm houses, little pottery shops and lush greenery which would look good in real life but boring in pictures.

Headed back for the day. I was beginning to get an inflammation in my left lymph node, and both of us were tired from all that walking. We caught the 1705 bus back and by the time we walked back to Severn Point, it was about 1900. I can’t even remember if we had dinner, I think I cleaned up and went straight to bed.

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