December 4, 2008



I’ve had a lovely day today (: It started off quite badly though, because I cut my thumb quite deeply when trying to cut a tomato for my croissant this morning. It bled so much I gave up making croissants and tried to have cereal instead. My milk had clotted! When I poured it onto the cereal it was sort of lumpy, like beancurd. Ewwww.. Had hot chocolate and an apple, and then read the boyfriend’s letter. It was more of a poem, really, but it was touching (:

Music therapy class was alright this morning, it was someone else’s twentyfirst too, and so when we were doing free improvisation the “happy birthday” theme kept popping up. Practiced a little, then went to town for a walk. Had to get new shoes, my shoe soles had completely worn out and water was getting into them! Today was a particularly rainy day, but it wasn’t very cold. Spent an hour trying to find myself shoes, and I finally settled on this pair:

By that time, it was already 1, and I rushed back to school for double-reed ensemble, buying a big mac along the way. Double-reed ensemble was so fun! There was a total of 2 oboes, one honorary oboe (which was a clarinet), 2 English Horns, and 2 Bassoons. And it was such fun, playing Tom Wood’s arrangements of Shrek, Lion King, Bohemian Rhapsody and other stuff. It was impressive how Tom and Harry decided to switch instruments (Harry played the bassoon and Tom, the English Horn) halfway. They both play the oboe, bassoon and english horn so well!

Went home to eat my soggy big mac and slept for an hour and a half, then it was off to meet Shing Min and her flatmates at 6 at College. Molly, Shell and I walked to school together, and while waiting for Shing Min, there were fireworks!! It was for some GB Rally thing that started today, but Molly said that the fireworks were in celebration of my birthday 😛

Was supposed to attend the Ponce recital of guitar and harpsichord, but I didn’t get tickets. Molly brought us to this lovely restaurant called ZeroDegrees, which was a microbrewery (kind of like Brewerkz). Their drinks were apparently good (we didn’t drink), and their pizzas were awesome! We had Peking-duck pizza (trust me, it was good but had a unique taste), and a Tiger-prawn garlic pizza. We headed off to Marks&Spencer’s after that, there was a 20% storewide discount only for today. Walked around a bit, and then headed home.

My flatmate Grace was so sweet, she baked me brownies, and stuck a huge “HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us xxx” on my door. I went over to Shing Min’s to play Uno with her flatmates. It sure was fun! Reached home slightly before 11, and spent the rest of the time watching Sex and the City while having Lemon Meringue Pie (bought from M&S) and hot chocolate with Grace.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I’m truly blessed to have you all, and you have touched me in ways more than you can imagine. I love you guys (:

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