September 9, 2007

On the uncontrollable urge to pick up the cello..


As I listened to Mischa Maisky play the poetic Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata, followed by the sweet seduction of the Soul of the Tango CD by Yo-yo Ma, and afterward the heart-wrenching Elgar Cello Concerto played by Jacqueline du Pre, I had this sudden desire to learn the cello.

It’s as though… just being able to play the Arpeggione or the Elgar concerto will give me the satisfaction. All that money spent on lessons and the hours of practice and hard work just won’t be wasted.

Perhaps it’s just like practicing the violin like crazy just to be able to play the Chaconne.

Delayed gratification, that’s what it is.

Someone stop me from buying a cello, PLEASE.

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