August 9, 2007

The occupational hazards of playing multiple instruments.


Looks like being a musician was more dangerous than I thought.
Read all about it here.

From playing the violin, I think I’ve got

  • Induced hearing loss in my left ear
  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome
  • callous formation on fingers on the left hand (further aggravated by my attempts to learn the guitar
  • Fiddler’s neck (rash on the area where the chinrest comes into contact with the skin)

From playing the oboe and cor anglais,

  • a HUGE callous on my right thumb on which the oboe rests on
  • wrist aches from the weight of the cor (if i happen to forget my sling)
  • Backache! (wonder why…)
  • COUNTLESS reed problems
  • tooth-marks on lips after playing for too long (something’s wrong with my embouchure?)

From piano-playing,

  • Wrist-aches from playing octaves.

Do you encounter any problems? What are they?

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