July 28, 2007

Der Ring des Nibelungen: Die Walküre


The Ring cycle has started! 🙂 4 nights of more wunderbar music, directed and performed by possibly the best around. The conflict between power or love, which cannot co-exist. Love between siblings, between father and daughter.. and the quest and search for power. Such genius in his writing, that he introduces everything in his music even before the singers start. The content of his preludes hold so much, they practically tell the whole story by themselves! Such a pity that I missed last night’s Das Rheingold, performed without the intermission.

Today’s Die Walküre was breathtaking. The lush orchestral colour and the feast of grand sound I was indulging myself in… I could hear the urgency, the rebellion, the love and the heroism from every note the orchestra played. The powerful cast rose magnificently to the occasion, and the narrative pace was so well-maintained that the three-and-a-half hours seemed to fly past! Truly, the music was the unifying medium, and certainly the occupant of the deepest level of the drama. It was in the music that the deepest aspects of the dramatic conflicts were personified and experienced.

There’s just so much to say that I don’t know how or where to start… Perhaps I shouldnt ;P
The intermission was still one hour long though :S

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