December 15, 2012

The Philharmonic Orchestra – New Year’s Eve Gala Concert 2013

The Philharmonic Orchestra – New Year’s Eve Gala Concert 2013

Following the resounding success of last year’s New Year’s Eve gala concert, The Philharmonic Orchestra are at it again, holding yet another gala concert to usher in 2013.

Part of the fun, I highly suspect, is trying to time the programme so well such that the loudest, noisiest bit of the ending coincides exactly with the countdown right up to the new year! It is always at the very last 2 minutes or so that tensions run high, atmosphere is electrifying, the conductor and musicians are visibly stressed (with the conductor probably frantically glancing discreetly at his watch, looking at the score and conducting at the same time), and the audience get excited and restless, wondering if the orchestra will make it to the end by the time the clock strikes midnight!

That, alone, is worth coming for. Did I mention that the audience get a glass of bubbly during interval as well? (:

So come, and be swept off your feet by a march, dances and waltzes by Strauss, Verdi, Borodin, Sibelius and Saint-SaĆ«ns, and end it all off with Respighi’s ever-popular The Appian Way from The Pines of Rome! 
Get your tickets here now! Concessions available.

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